Praise for Pam:
Customer Testimonial
In my 30 plus years in business, I have met few people who were better at evaluating a particular sales or marketing challenge; identifying specific critical issues and their associated ramifications; and directing a team to develop an effective solution.
Jim Olsen
C/I National Sales Manager,
Tactical Action Plans for Profitable Growth.
It's what every company strives to achieve. How do you make it happen? Maxwell Management Consulting offers a suite of integrated services to help your company grow profitably. Working with us lets you focus on your business while we focus on you, so we can achieve more together.
Achieving your growth goals starts with a plan. Maxwell Management Consulting's strategic planning process helps you and your team craft the most effective growth plans, customized for your business. We will guide you through a facilitated, in-depth planning process:
  • Market Research. How well do you understand your customers, your competition, and the changing needs of the market? We help you answer these questions so your plan starts on a solid foundation.
  • Acquisition Due Diligence. Is that acquisition prospect really as good as it looks? We can dig deep to uncover critical information that may impact your deal.
  • Opportunity Identification & Analysis. How will you objectively determine if that new product or market is the right fit? We help you apply the critical thinking necessary to assess potential opportunities quickly.
  • Tactical Plans. Even the most clever strategy fails if it isn't executed well. We work with your team to create action plans that support each objective, so you achieve your goals on-time and on-budget.
Profitable growth depends on a well-trained business development team. Maxwell Management Consulting will help evaluate, train, and develop your sales team for optimal performance so you can achieve more.
  • Evaluation & Training. How effectively are your sales investment dollars being spent? Are you acquiring the new customers you need, when you need them? How good is your sales and management team? We answer these questions while assessing potential training or tactical planning needs.
  • New Channel Development & Deployment. What's the best way to reach your customers and increase sales in the changing marketplace? We work with your sales team to identify the most effective sales channels and key targets.
  • Marketing Plans. How will you make your brand top-of-mind? Do your marketing efforts support your sales team? We create marketing and outreach campaigns that get results.
Growth can only be sustained if you're profitable. So, how do you make sure your bottom line is as strong as your top line? Maxwell Management Consulting analyzes your current expenses and future investments to assure sustainable growth.
  • Performance improvement. Are there some easy ways to save money without impacting the top line? We assess your current expense structure for cost savings ideas.
  • Investment analysis. Do you want to expand your sales force or open a new location? Do you know how much it will cost and when it will pay back? We help you create an investment thesis using real numbers and sound advice.
  • Idea pressure testing. Will that great idea really pay off? We ask the tough questions and help you assess the true profit potential before you launch.
Today's captains of industry don't go it alone. Pam Maxwell coaches you to your best performance so you can achieve more.
  • Increase management effectiveness. How will you motivate your team to help you realize your vision? We develop communication plans in your voice that inspire and compel your leaders to act.
  • Enhance employee & customer relations. Do your employees "get it?" If they don't, neither will your customers. Communications need to be honest, clear, and concise to create loyalty. We develop campaigns that build trust inside and outside your company walls.